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Game of the Carpathians

Brown bear, Wolf, Lynx, Wild boar, Deer, Chamois, Buck, Roe deer, Wildcat, Capercaillie, Pheasant, Quail, Partridge, Goose, Hare ...

More than 50% of all the big wild carnivores in Europe are in the Carpathians. The region welcomes the most important populations of Europe of brown bears (env. 6,000), of wolves (more than 4,000) and of lynx (more than 1,000).
In mountains, there are important populations of chamois, foxes, deers, wild boars, roe deers and fallow deers.

All of these can be hunt, respecting the official quotas.

Forests overcrowded with animals


Our hunting land:
436 square miles, afforested in 90
%, among which 0.77 square miles of lakes.

Possibility to be invited and bring your own weapons and ammunitions.


"They are around 6,000 of brown bears in Romania, among whom 2,100 over the optimal herd calculated by specialists.

From 1989 until 2011 in Romania bears have killed 18 people and wounded another 101.

European law prohibits any form of capture or killing of bears. They can be shot only in punctual situations, when they cause considerable damage or kill people."

Too much bears, wolfs and wild boars

The bears of the Rumanian Carpathians are over the average size of the brown bear.
There are individuals who overtake 880 lbs.

The record of hunting, at the moment, is 1,350 lbs.

The current populations of bear in Europe are installed in woody, generally mountainous regions and poor populated. Their natural housing environment is determined by the food resources. In Europe, we know vital territories going from 19 to 1930 square miles.

The bear is also spread in the Alps (Slovenia, Italy) and in Pyrenees. A significant number of bear also lives in the north and east of Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia).The brown bear is not only spread in Europe but also in North America, under the shape of the subspecies that are the Kodiak bear (Island Kodiak and nearby islands, near the south coast of Alaska) and the Grizzly bear (the West and the center of North America).

Big game